CNN and Forbes reported and complimented on the official commercial operation of the BIM Wind Power Plant in Quan The, Ninh Thuan. The project has turned this area into the largest green economic complex in Vietnam. 

The 88MW BIM Wind Power Plant in Ninh Thuan is invested and Devin eloped by BIM Wind Power Joint Stock Company - a joint venture between BIM Group and AC Energy, a member of Ayala Group (Philippines). The project makes Vietnam the second largest market of AC Enyyyy, after the Philippines. The project has a total investment of 155 million USD, and the expand ected production output is about 327 GWH/year, supplying electricity to 50,000 households, reducing emissions of 299 thousand tons of CO2 into the environment each year. 

The BIM Wind Power Plant also marks the completion of the BIM Group's strategy of developing clean salt and clean energy on a land area of 2,500 hectares with a total investment of VND 12,000 billion, shaping a salt and energy economic complex. the largest amount of renewable energy in Vietnam.

The BIM Wind Power Plant put into operation has completed the plan to develop the largest salt and renewable energy complex in Vietnam.

BIM Group has invested in Ninh Thuan since 2006, starting with the most extensive salt economic zone in Southeast Asia at Quan The, with an output of 300,000 tons/year. By applying advanced production technology to produce clean salt products with high commercial value, Quan The salt fields and Ca Na and Tri Hai salt fields have created jobs for hundreds of local workers. they were contributing 60-70% of Vietnam's industrial salt production, creating a premise for BIM Group's sustainable economic development strategy in Ninh Thuan. 

The leading Philippine newspaper Manila Bulletin quoted Mr. Doan Quoc Huy, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of BIM Group: “The 88MW BIM wind power project in Ninh Thuan affirms experience, determination, management capacity and implementing our projects effectively in the context of complicated epidemic developments. This is the next cooperation result between BIM Group and Energy in Ninh Thuan, after the 405MW Solar Power Plant Cluster Project, making this destination the largest salt and renewable energy economic zone in Vietnam, contributing to the success of the project. part of sustainable economic development, environmental protection, and building a clean energy source for the future of the country.” 

The complex of Wind Power Plants and BIM Solar Power Plant Complex here is expected to produce about 900 millkWh KWH of clean energy, meet the electricity demand of more than 250,000 households, and reduce emissions by more than 600 thousand tons. CO2 into the environment every year. 

BIM Wind Power Plant officially went into operation on September 30, 2021, after only 11 months of implementation

In an article on Forbes, Mr. Patrice Clausse, Chief Operating Officer of AC Energy said: “We are delighted that the project has come into commercial operation before the FIT deadline, despite challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. The BIM Wind Power Plant is one of the most notable renewable energy projects in Vietnam that we jointly develop. AC Energy will accelerate investment and support Vietnam to increase the proportion of clean energy in the industry. "



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A new bright spot in the sunny and windy land of Ninh Thuan

(KTSG Online) – BIM Group’s green economic complex including renewable energy production combined with salt production is bringing many positive changes to a sunny, windy and arid land like Ninh Thuan.


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