Currently, BIM is recognized as the leading shrimp farmer, producer and exporter in Vietnam. It owns and operates more than 1,600 hectares of shrimp farm in Kien Giang, Minh Thanh, Tien Yen and Quang Ninh provinces with an annual maximum output capacity of 10,000 tons. BIM has adopted a vertically integrated production model by operating and managing the processes from breeding, broodstock production, shrimp farming, processing and export.

BIM Foods JSC has achieved remarkable success and received numerous awards presented by the Vietnam Association of Fisheries and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as well as the accredited international bodies. The awards are:

• 2 Golden Cup for Seafood Product Quality and The Best Entrepreneur of Vietnam Aquaculture.

• 3-Star ACC Certifcate for Phu Quoc Shrimp Hatchery, Dong Hoa Shrimp Farm 200, Tac Cau Processing Plant 2008 -2013. BIM Food’s farming and production model is recognized as the “best practice” model for Vietnamese seafood industry