Posted Date August 20, 2018

In the midst of Little Vit Nam and Royal Lotus Villas & Resort, if there is a missing piece in a picture of Halong Marina urban area, it would be the Marina Square.

Numerous factors have combined to create the next perfect tourism - holiday - shopping destination to the natural heritage H Long Bay.

Harmonise the advantages

With the benefit of infrastructure, economy and society, Hạ Long Bay is becoming the most exciting real estate market in Việt Nam. Unlike other traditional coastal property markets such as Đà Nẵng, Nha Trang or Phú Quốc, the Hạ Long real estate has a strong rebound thanks to superior advantages from infrastructure, increased tourism, the investment environment and, in particular, the invaluable potential of high-class products, combining cultural quintessence and modern lifestyle trends.

It is undeniable that Hạ Long is the "land of dragons" but it is becoming a strong market for investment capital thanks to its impressive tourism growth, high quality tourism products and a modern and synchronous infrastructure system.

One of the highlights about Hạ Long’s infrastructure is the Hà Nội – Hải Phòng – Hạ Long – Móng Cái expressway which is being completed. This route will bring tourists from many regions to Hạ Long. Besides, the Bạch Đằng Bridge, which links the two big cities of Hạ Long and Hải Phòng, is under construction and is a key connection to create an advantage for both cities, especially Hạ Long.

Tourism also plays a significant role in the stimulation of property in Hạ Long. In 2017, the number of tourists to Hạ Long reached nearly seven million, a year-on-year increase of 13 per cent, of which international visitors reached nearly three million people. The upcoming inauguration of the Vân Đồn International Airport will bring a large number of passengers from all over the world to Quảng Ninh without having to disembark in Hà Nội and then waste two to three hours travelling by buses.

With these advantages, a number of big real estate promoters have invested their money in this city, bringing to the market real estate products featuring the identity of this tourist city and meeting the market demand. The BIM Group, in particular, is one of the pioneers and persistent investors in Hạ Long.

With a convenient location right on the edge of Hạ Long Bay - a unique location in Hạ Long City, the BIM Group's Halong Marina urban area has benefitted greatly from the rapid development of tourism. This is the first complex with the most modern and synchronous planning in Hạ Long and complete facilities to meet all the needs of life such as a school, hospital, entertainment centre, supermarket, trade centre, a kilometre long beach and a combination of international resorts. The Halong Marina is positioned to become a modern "all in one" complex, becoming the leading economic and leisure centre on the shores of Hạ Long Bay.

At the Halong Marina, the BIM Group has developed a number of brands including Royal Lotus Halong, Citadines Marina Hạ Long and Little Việt Nam, which made a significant impression in the real estate market. For example, the Little Việt Nam project was sold out at the beginning of the first phase by re-enacting the scenery and architecture of the Vietnamese old quarter in the heart of the coastal city of Hạ Long. With a unique design and the increasing value of investment on two fronts, Little Việt Nam is considered a breath of fresh air in this city.

Also located within the municipal limits of Halong Marina, a "super product" called Marina Square is coming out with 88 boutique hotels combined shophouses on an area of ​​4.7ha located on the two sides of the central pedestrian street of Peninsula 2, belonging to the urban area of ​​Halong Marina. Marina Square will benefit from the availability of Halong Marina, while also adding value to this urban area.

Superiority of Boutique Hotel combines Shophouse

Just 120m from the sea square, Marina Square connects the Hùng Thắng mountain range to the shores of Halong Bay. Guests can easily relax with a view of the sea, join the festivities with the pedestrian street and enjoy the full range of entertainment activities.

Being developed by Boutique Hotels combining with Shophouse model, it can be said that Marina Square has the right advantages to exploit the tourism capabilities of Hạ Long. Accordingly, the owners of Marina Square products are satisfied with the needs of investment, convalescence, trade and living. If Little Việt Nam is more inclined to exploit traditional cultural values, and Royal Lotus Villas & Resort is a resort-style complex, Marina Square has a strong business and commercial element due to its location in the heart of the city. Of course, guests at Marina Square can still enjoy a leisurely lifestyle when it is only a few minutes' walk to the artificial beach or the lively night market.

The representative of BIM Group revealed, “The project was designed by renowned Spanish architect Salvador Perez Arroyo. His works are internationally recognised and celebrated, becoming the symbol of many cities. Most recently, he was honoured with the Centro Eventi Multifunzionale project in Verbania, Italy, which made it to the top five European works in 2016. He is also the designer of the Quảng Ninh Museum - the "black jewel" on the seaside.”

The project is maximised by intelligent design owning at least two fronts, especially the corner apartments that have three fronts, and are airy with a natural light source. They make full use of all the space to maximise the benefits for the customers. The area of ​​each apartment is between 182 sq.m and 198sq.m on eight floors. With the number of rooms ranging from 20 to a hundred units per house thanks to the flexibility of the room-combining, customers can maximise the value of their homes for the purposes of leasing, business and hotel. In addition, the number of homes limited to 88 units located in the centre of Hạ Long makes the ownership of the project more valuable. It will certainly be a smart investment channel and over time bring increasing value to investors.


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