Posted Date October 11, 2019

Residents of Halong Marina – one of Việt Nam’s first urban area developments in the northern province of Quảng Ninh – can enjoy long-lasting holidays at their own houses without spending a lot of money traveling.

A new living standard

In the past, upper-class people always preferred living in coastal areas, thanks to the beautiful landscape and the fresh atmosphere that are good for their health and spirit.

Nowadays, big cities in Việt Nam are suffering with heavy air pollution thus residents here have a tendency to purchase a coastal house to escape the pollution. Moreover, many Vietnamese people think a house with a view towards the water would bring its owner good health, luck and good fortune. Thus, business insiders predict that owning coastal houses would be a new tendency in the local real estate market in the near future. 

Compared to some developed countries where high-income people often live in famous riverside cities such as New York City on the Atlantic coast; Auckland – known as the city of sails in New Zealand or Vancouver – the green city of Canada, wealthy people in Việt Nam can enjoy a similar living standard with the presence of Halong Marina – a coastal urban area in Hạ Long City.

The project which owns a prime location between Bãi Cháy and Tuần Châu, comprises commercial centres, entertainment zones, amusement parks, apartments, hotels, villas and a financial centre. It is designed with emphasis on enhancing the uniqueness of Hạ Long Bay to achieve an ideal living, leisure and commercial environment.

Sprawling more than 3.8 km of seaway, the Halong Marina is being developed by BIM Land Real Estate Company, an affiliate of BIM Group since 2000. With total investment capital of more than US$2 billion, the project is expected to provide residents and investors with a wide range of real estate products.

According to the master plan, Halong Marina is divided into two subdivisions.

The area adjacent to the mountain is planned for residential areas, house complexes, villas, schools and supermarkets.

Meanwhile, the area adjacent to Ha Long Bay which consists of three peninsulas and two landscape lakes connected throughout the peninsulas, is designed by architects of Hong Kong’s Belt Collins International Limited to become a tourism and entertainment centre. This area will be home to hi-end resort complexes of international leisure and entertainment brands such as InterContinental Halong Bay Resort of IHG Group; Grand Bay Halong 5-star entertainment complex, besides the Citadines Marina Halong apartment project which is being developed by Singapore’s Ascott Limited and is slated for completion in the first quarter of 2020.

According to the investor, the highlights of ​​this tourism and entertainment centre will be the Marina square and pedestrian street. Featuring the typical breath of La Rambla in Barcelona, the square is designed by architect Salvador Perez Arroyo who is famous for his icons such as Moncloa tower (Madrid), Cuenca science museum and La Eria culture palace (Oviedo).

In addition, Halong Marina also provides residents and guests with standard services brought by Halong Marine Plaza trade and commercial complex, Sailing Club, cinema, Singapore international school, a park and restaurants.

Mỹ Hà, 45, said her family can experience a real vacation right at home instead of packing for far away travels.

“In the morning, we can enjoy the sunrise over Hạ Long Bay which is considered in the top 10 most beautiful sunrise views in the world. Later in the afternoon, our children can play at an entertainment area or practice sports while my husband and I can do exercise or read books together,” she said.

She said when the sun goes down, the whole family can go to the balcony to view the bay. After that, they can watch movies at a nearby cinema.

“When some friends visit us, we often host a BBQ party and enjoy the spacious atmosphere of the sea,” she added

Minh Ngọc, 40, who is living in the capital city, said coastal real estate projects including those in Hạ Long City have become more and more attractive to investors thanks to the favourable geographic location (about an hour and a half drive from Hà Nội) and adequate transport infrastructure.

Furthermore, the operation of Vân Đồn International Airport has led to an increasing number of domestic and foreign tourists. These factors made real estate investors like him choose Halong Marina as an ideal investment destination. 



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