BIM Group pledged VND30 billion to Vietnam’s Covid-19 vaccine fund

Posted Date May 28, 2021

Hanoi – 28th May, BIM Group has donated VND30 billion to the national Covid-19 vaccine fund established by the government on 26th May. Prior to this contribution, BIM Group has also provided cash, medical equipment and critical supplies to local communities, Laos and Cambodia.  


“BIM Group has  actively contributed to the outbreak control effort as part of our, the corporate social responsibility. Thus, immediately upon the Prime Minister’s concrete vaccine fund initiatives, BIM Group’s board of directors decided to donate VND30 billion to the fund. We hope that our humble contribution will aid the country’s effort to, once again, successfully suppress the epidemic so that our society can return to normal soon,” said Mr. Huy Quoc Doan, Vice Chairman of BIM Group.


Minister of Health (left) and Mr. Huy Quoc Doan at the event


Ealier on 14th May, a representative of BIM Group in Vientiane (Laos) had provided supplies and equipment including 5,000 surgical gloves, 3,000 medical disposable sheets, 3,000 medical disposable pillowcase covers, 300 pillows, 12,500 boxes of face masks, 400 litter of 90% alcohol, 250 bottles of hand sanitizers, and 6,000 bottles of drinking water valued at LAK250 million (approx. VND600 million) to the National Operation Center.

BIM Group also provided 1 million face masks to Vinh Phuc Red Cross Society on 17th May. Furthermore, 3 non-invasive ventilators valued VND4.5 billion will be provided to Vinh Phuc province by BIM Group in the next few weeks.

In early June, BIM Group will work with Kien Giang provincial police forces to provide 4 provinces along the Vietnam-Cambodia border with critical supplies comprising foods, hand sanitizers, face masks valued VND400 million. Next, BIM Group will donate 3,000 Covid-19 test kits and 250,000 face masks to Long An province.

With operations spanning across major provinces in Vietnam and Laos, BIM Group has made responsible contributions to prevent the pandemic since the outbreak’s started. BIM Group has donated cash, necessities and medical equipment totalling VND50 billion to date.

BIM Group’s efforts have all been made for the common goal of controlling the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam. Aiming to contribute to the economic growth of Vietnam by sustainably bridging the benefits of its customers, business partners and surrounding communities, BIM Group prioritises practical and conscientious actions against the pandemic.


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