Posted Date April 27, 2019

On April 27, 2019 in Ninh Thuan, BIM Group officially integrated  the solar power plant and national grid with a capacity of 330 MWP, this will be the largest solar power plant in the Southeast Asia, up to now.

BIM solar power plant complex started in January 2018 and signed a power purchase contract with EVN at the end of 2018. With a fast and professional implementation schedule, in more than 9 months of official construction , all 3 BIM 1, BIM 2 and BIM 3 solar power plants HaS finished construction Generating electricity forming an national grid ritual in April 2019.

With a total capacity of 330MWP, the installation includes: The solar power plant – BIM 1 with a capacity of 30Mwp; BIM 2 has a capacity of 250Mwp and BIM 3 with a capacity of 50Mwp. The cluster of 3 solar power plants was invested more than 7,000 billion VND, installing  more than 1 million solar panels, expected to produce about 600 million kwh / year, to serve 200,000 households per year and contribute to reduce nearly 304,400 tons of CO2 emitted to the environment each year.

Mr. Doan Quoc Huy, Vice Chairman of BIM Group, General Director of BIM Energy Renewable Energy Joint Stock Company - a brand belonging to BIM Group, said: “BIM Group oriented to become the leading pioneer investor in renewable energy in Vietnam to 2022, the total clean energy capacity supplied by BIM Energy will reach a total scale of 1000Mwp of solar and wind power. With the inauguration of a cluster of three plants with the largest capacity in a short period of time is a testament to BIM Group's long-term commitment to clean energy. We look forward to contributing and joining to protect the environment, fight climate change, support national energy security, build sustainable energy sources for the country's future ”

BIM Energy cooperates with AC Energy of Ayala Group, one of the biggest corporations in the Philippines to establish a BIM / AC Renewable joint venture to develop renewable energy projects in Ninh Thuan.

AC Energy is one of the fastest growing energy companies with more than $ 2 billion of investment in renewable and thermal energy in the Philippines and in the region by 2025. It can be said that cooperation with reputable units, experienced not only helped BIM Energy to raise its prestige but also expanded the scope of this business.

Aiming at sustainable development, BIM Energy will continue to take advantage of its existing strengths, expand its destinations on the market & continue to cooperate with major international partners and contractors such as Bouygues of France, JUWI of Germany, as well as reputable domestic contractors such as PPC1, TOJI, Song Da 4 and Lilama 18.


As a large multidisciplinary economic group in Vietnam, on the journey of 25 years of development, BIM Group has created pioneering products, affirming BIM Group’s quality prestige in domestic and international investment fields.

Owning a solid financial foundation, BIM Group has made important imprints in four main business areas: Tourism Development & Real Estate Investment, Agriculture – Food Industry, Commercial Services. and Renewable Energy.

BIM Group always focuses on ensuring sustainable profitability over time, applying highly effective business policies, promoting synchronous development and continuous efforts to maintain credibility.

Ninh Thuan as one of the key investment destinations through salt production activities, BIM Group has received a lot of help and support from the local government to become a corporation that owns the largest Salt Industrial Economic Zone in Southeast Asia, with acreage of ​​more than 2,200 hectares in Quan The, Ninh Thuan, the total output reaches 350,000 tons / year. Realizing the potential of Ninh Thuan as well as long-term commitment to this land, BIM Group continues to expand its business, reaching out to invest in renewable energy.


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