Posted Date October 26, 2022

Mrs. Doan Thi Thanh Mai – Vice President of BIM Group gave gifts to the volunteers of the program


The program "Newborns Life Support" implemented by Newborns Vietnam in conjunction with the National Children's Hospital and BIM Group as a sponsor has officially entered the second training session in 2022 with 3 courses. Right after that, there are 2 advanced courses for the best nurses and doctors.

NLS is a program developed in 1999 under the auspices of the UK and the UK Resuscitation Council and is deployed worldwide by the European Resuscitation Council. The program was approved by the Department of Science, Technology, and Investment - Ministry of Health as the national program on neonatal resuscitation in Vietnam under Decision No. 55/QD-K2ĐT on May 11, 2022, to reduce mortality and illness in infants.

In June 2022, BIM Group signed a cooperation agreement with Newborns Vietnam to sponsor USD 74,532 – equivalent to the cost of operating the NLS program for 1 year.

From June to October, 6 NLS courses were held with a total of 144 nurses and doctors participating.

Immediately after signing the cooperation agreement, 3 NLS training courses were implemented at the National Children's Hospital, directly trained by experts from the British Neonatal Resuscitation Council with more than 70 doctors and nurses from the North. The second training session with 3 courses for over 70 people took place from October 10 to the end of October 15. Accordingly, the nurses and doctors of the second training will come from hospitals in Yen Bai, Bac Ninh, Thai Nguyen, Quang Ninh, Hoa Binh, Ha Tinh...

After the basic courses, from October 17 to October 20, two advanced training courses will be given to the 40 best students to build teaching materials capable of replacing lecturers from the British Neonatal Resuscitation Council.

On October 12, on the occasion the experts are present in Vietnam to teach, the British Embassy in Vietnam and Newborns Vietnam celebrated British volunteers who participated in 2 NLS training sessions in June and October. 

Appreciate the contributions of experts, but Ms. Suzanna, the Newborns Vietnam representative, said that her biggest expectation when building the training program "Newborn Life Support" was that the Vietnamese doctors and nurses are qualified to actively implement NLS without depending on foreign experts. This is the only way to develop the program sustainably and proactively.

The first nurses and doctors qualified to become full-time NLS trainers certified by the European Council of Emergency Medicine

Ms. Suzanna shared that on October 11, the first 12 doctors in Vietnam were officially awarded the Certificate of Instructor of the Newborns Life SupportTraining Program in the delivery room (NLS). This is the result of the NLS pilot program that has been carried out since 2019. Excellent students must attend at least 2 training courses and 2 teaching assistant courses before being tested and officially certified.

These Instructors will be pioneers, teaching the NLS Program independently without the need for guidance from British Lecturers.

Appreciating the effectiveness of Newborns Vietnam's intensive programs with the family, mother, and newborn's focus, Ms. Doan Thi Thanh Mai – Vice President of BIM Group affirmed that “BIM Group is proud of BIM Group is proud of the achievements of the NLS program, proud to be involved in the project that brings babies to life.”

Newborns Life Support in the delivery room is one of the projects in line with the philosophy that BIM Group built for the BIM Care social project, directing activities to children, saving lives, and improving the quality of life for children. children, helping them overcome physical and mental obstacles to nurture their dreams and aspirations.


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